Ash is an Artist from a small town in Michigan's lower peninsula. She is an introvert by nature but is committed to expanding her horizons daily. She has lots of hobbies, ranging from drawing and sculpting to photography and videography. Ash enjoys watching TV shows and movies, especially those in the horror genre. 

Ash has always been fascinated with animals and nature, especially animal behavior. She spent a lot of time with canines growing up and has volunteered at a dog training facility. Ash also has an interest in prehistoric fauna. In fact, she has a YouTube show in the works that will focus on educating people about prehistoric animals.  The host of the show is a life-sized Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) puppet crafted by Ashley. She has also volunteered her time educating elementary school students about different species of animals and animal conservation.

Ashley has an older sister and is VERY thankful for supportive parents who understand that art sometimes has an unconventional career path. 

Ashley enjoys playing characters at odds with her personality. She is normally a friendly and empathetic individual but gets the most enjoyment out of playing dark and unhinged characters. 

Every experience is a learning experience. If you put your best efforts forward, you will come out the other side having learned a lesson or two and, with a little luck, the better for it

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